SHERA Research Group

Leading Global, Innovative Research into the Health, Social, Human Rights and Economic Impacts of Domestic Abuse / Violence on Women and Children

If you or your child are in immediate danger, please call 999 (UK) or 911 (USA)

Shera Research Group

What we do

Working across multidisciplinary fields and settings we seek to:
See and highlight the health impacts of domestic abuse/violence on women and children;
Hear the voices of women and children impacted;
Empower women, children, policy-makers and professionals who work with them;
Respond to those impacted by domestic abuse/violence in a trauma-informed way;
Act accordingly to prevent abuse/violence and develop research and training led by and for these groups.

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Leading scholarship and research into the health impacts of domestic abuse / violence perpetrator behaviours

We establish and supervise working groups, developing research exploring the impact of domestic abuse / violence perpetrator behaviours, on the health of women and children. We draw knowledge and foster methodologies from a range of disciplines, to deepen understanding about prevention strategies by thinking across boundaries.

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Domestic abuse / violence and the family courts

We work as a unique collaboration between law, health, economics, human rights and domestic abuse support services to develop innovative cross-cutting research into the health impacts of legal / family court proceedings for mothers and children. We investigate this using a broad lens exploring individual and structural inequalities.

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Leading scholarship and research into the health impacts of domestic abuse for minoritised women

We establish and supervise working groups focused on developing specific resources for minority and marginalised groups such as migrant women, ethnic minorities, disabled women and other minoritised women.

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Providing training and resources for policy-makers and professionals

We foster the transfer of knowledge between academia, health and social care and domestic abuse support services to provide the most current training and resources to policy-makers and professionals across multiple settings.

Shera Research Group

About Us

We are a collective of researchers and advocates based around the world working in medicine, health care, social care, law, finance, human rights, academia, therapeutic services and domestic abuse support organisations.

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We welcome input from a wide field of expertise including experts by experience victim-survivors. Get in touch if you would like to contribute.

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