A video showing a child Maya, being forcibly removed by the state via the unscientific belief system 'Parental Alienation' (short version)

A video showing a child Maya, being forcibly removed by the state via the unscientific belief system 'Parental Alienation' (short version)

A video showing a child Maya, being forcibly removed via the unscientific belief system 'Parental Alienation'

December 31, 2022

Trigger warning on video content - disturbing footage of unethical / harmful child treatment

'Parental Alienation' is an unscientific belief system. It is not a scientific theory or concept. It is the notion that a child has been brainwashed by one parent to report abuse from the other parent. It is rejected broadly by the scientific community, having no robust evidence, with many studies being methodologically weak, non-random, not generalisable and based on unreliable applications of the label (Saini et al., 2016; Doughty, 2018, Barnett, 2020, Meier et al., 2020 and Mercer and Drew, 2022).

It is denounced by the United Nations, The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Women's Aid, Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Council of Europe), The European Association for Psychotherapy, The American Psychological Society, The New Zealand Psychological Society and has received much negative media attention recently including comments from the Association of Clinical Psychologists UK Chair Professor Mike Wang who stated to the Guardian Newspaper on 12th June 2022

"The organisation is aware of unregulated experts making findings of so-called parental alienation and doing tremendous harm. I’ve seen children taken away by the force of the state on the basis of PA. But what the public needs to know is that there is an international consensus that the evidence-base on parental alienation is not sufficiently robust to be making decisions about child-contact arrangements."

The following videos shows footage of children being taken away by force of the state, based upon this harmful pseudoscience belief system 'Parental Alienation' to go to 'Parental Alienation' 'Reunification Therapy'  - with a view to forcibly reunited the children, against their wishes, with a parent the child states has been abusing them and who they do not wish to see:

Evidence shows repeatedly that false allegations of abuse are extremely rare, yet within the family courts around the globe, allegations of abuse are commonly believed to be false. When this happens, children are often removed from the safe parent and transferred to live with the parent they say is abusing them. This news item in America briefly covers the problem, where you can see 'Parental Alienation' 'experts' admit there is currently no evidence for the 'therapies' they provide and that much of what they do to determine whether a child is lying or not is based on guess work and highly questionable methods. For example, one 'expert' describes knowing a child was lying about being sexually molested by their father because the father said he had diabetes and so had erectile dysfunction. Medical experts then confirmed, not everyone who has diabetes has erectile dysfunction and having erectile dysfunction does not mean a person is incapable of sexually abusing a child:

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