Dr Jessica Taylor

Dr Jessica Taylor

Director of VictimFocus

Dr Jessica Taylor (FRSA, PhD) is the founder and owner of VictimFocus

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Dr Jessica Taylor

Dr Jessica Taylor (FRSA, PhD) is the founder and owner of VictimFocus, the VictimFocus Blog and The VictimFocus Academy. VictimFocus is her international company providing research, consultancy, writing and speaking in forensic psychology, abuse, oppression, feminism and trauma. The VictimFocus Blog has 1.4 million readers per year and provides a lively and critical perspective on CSE, victim blaming, feminism and sexual violence.

In 2018, Jessica developed and launched the VictimFocus Charter to encourage all professionals to challenge and reduce victim blaming in their practice. She also founded her third and fourth social enterprises: VictimFocus Academy and VictimFocus Resources. VictimFocus Resources provides affordable, peer reviewed resources for professionals and survivors of abuse and trauma.

An author of 5 books, her latest book 'Why Women are Blamed for Everything' sold 10,000 copies in the first 6 weeks and was then bought by Hachette UK in a multi-book deal. The book is available in all good book shops, on Kindle, Hardback, Paperback and Audiobook.

Dr Jessica Taylor is repped by her agents, The Blair Partnership.