Dr Jennifer Obaseki

Dr Jennifer Obaseki

Dr Jennifer Obaseki, Immigration and Human Rights Law, Domestic Abuse, Family Law and Criminal Law Practice.

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Dr Jennifer Obaseki

Dr Jennifer Ariowa Obaseki is the founder and senior partner at Obaseki Solicitors an award winning international legal practice that specialises in Property, Immigration Commercial Law and litigation, based in Central London and was established by Jennifer in 2005.

She is also the Director of the LegalPaal Ltd which stands for ‘Providing Assistance at All Levels’. LegalPaal Ltd is the parent of a group of companies comprising of, Supply to My Door Ltd, Launch from London Ltd, OBA Productions Ltd, Obaseki Estates and Obaseki and Co Solicitors Ltd.

Ms Obaseki believes that with the increasing need to have a global approach to business, strategic planning is essential. Ms Jennifer Obaseki is an exceptional dynamic lawyer with an excellent track record representing clients on business and human rights issues. She has developed a unique practice that appreciates the requirements of clients whether they are individuals, organisations or government bodies.

Jennifer is also the Director of an NGO called AFFIRM Human Rights which was specifically established to assist individuals with specific needs as a result of migration. Ms Obaseki has over 20 years experience in Civil and Criminal litigation and also advising on Migration. She has firsthand experience of dealing with vulnerable asylum seekers and migrants and noted the specific needs that are not being met by governments so she established, AFFIRM Human Rights which stands for Assisting Friends and Families with Information and Recourses on Migration.

AFFIRM has the objective to try and bridge the gaps in services for undocumented and documented migrants, by offering basic subsistence to legal representation. Supply to My door Ltd is a tailored online service and shopping portal.

Launch from London Ltd provides clients global services for European market penetration for brands and event management.

OBA productions Ltd is a specialist Media Management agency supporting artists, film and music producers protect and manage their work. But also to help improve the quality of productions coming out of Africa as it stands for Observing the Best of Africa so helping producers and artists source finance for projects.

Obaseki Estates is an Exclusive international Property purchase and management service