Dr Emma Katz Recommended Reading

Dr Emma Katz Recommended Reading

Dr Emma Katz Recommended Reading

May 25, 2022

Nikupeteri, Anna, Emma Katz, and Merja Laitinen. (2021). Coercive Control and Technology-Facilitated Parental Stalking in Children and Young People's Lives. Journal of Gender-Based Violence, 5(3), 395-412. doi: 10.1332/239868021X16285243258834.

Katz, Emma, Anna Nikupeteri, and Merja Laitinen. (2020). When Coercive Control Continues to Harm Children: Post-Separation Fathering, Stalking, and Domestic Violence. Child Abuse Review, 25(4), 310-324. doi:10.1002/car.2611. *Most Read Article in the Journal in 2020, with 33,000+ Reads* *Altmetric Score of over 500: #1 Altmetric Score in the Journal*

Katz, Emma. (2019). Coercive Control, Domestic Violence and a Five-Factor Framework: Five Factors that Influence Closeness, Distance and Strain in Mother-Child Relationships. Violence Against Women, 25(15), 1829-1853. doi:10.1177/1077801218824998. *Most Read Article in the Journal in 2019, with 10,000+ Reads*

Radford, Lorraine, Nancy Lombard, Fransizka Meinck, Emma Katz, and Stanford Mahati. (2017). Researching Violence with Children: Experiences and Lessons from the UK and South Africa. Families, Relationships and Societies, 6(2), 239-256. doi:10.1332/204674317x14861128190401.

Katz, Emma. (2016). Beyond the Physical Incident Model: How Children Living with Domestic Violence are Harmed by and Resist Regimes of Coercive Control. Child Abuse Review, 25(1), 46-59. doi:10.1002/car.2422. *Wiley Prize for Best Paper* *Corinna Seith Prize for Best Paper* *Most Read Article in the Journal in 2016, with 18,000+ Reads* *Fourth Most Cited Article in the Journal*

Katz, Emma. (2015). Recovery-Promoters: Ways that Mothers and Children Support One Another's Recoveries from Domestic Violence. British Journal of Social Work, 45 (sup. 1), i153-169. doi:10.1093/bjsw/bcv091.

Katz, Emma. (2015). Domestic Violence, Children's Agency and Mother-Child Relationships: Towards a More Advanced Model. Children and Society, 29(1), 69-79. doi:10.1111/chso.12023. *8,000+ Reads* 0000-0001-7341-3365

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